Mario Kart Tour - Gameplay

I don’t feel anything like that. So really this this entire thing is going to be based off of a value and then special skills. So let’s start this off. Okay. So starting from the bottom. Oh man starting from the bottom is going to be pretty interesting. I’m looking at my notes over here. I’m going to put baby peach at the very bottom of the list.

Now the reason why I put Baby Peach on the bottom of list is because her value her value is really only one frenzy and then three of the secondary one so two tiers, so one in three equals a value of about 4, so not too great and then her bubble doesn’t really help out her bubble special. Is she puts a bubble on and then she can go over grass, which is pretty cool like you typically shroom In order to avoid the slow down you can bubble over that but as soon as you like hit a banana your bubble pop, so it’s really not the best special.

So Baby Peach is going to be rounding off as our worst character as of right now. Alright, so next up I have yeah right over here baby. Daisy is going to be next up now not saying that they’re bad characters at all. It’s just there are better characters out there. Now the reason why I put baby Daisy out there is because for one her value of frenzy is going to be one course and she has six so she’s a little bit more valuable than mario kart tour generator and of.

Also has the same bubble. So anyway, that’s exactly what she is. All right. Next up on my list over here is going to be shy guy. I’m going to say Shy Guy simply because he doesn’t have that much value, but I would say that his special outweighs the previous two. So his double bombs is a little bit better because you can get more points off of using it.

So I like that and then of course shyguy bizarre, he’s got one frenzy and then for different other ones so pretty. Okay. Next up is going to be our free to play Koopa Troopa. He’s actually pretty good. As far as the common class goes. You can see over here that he’s got the frenzy of one and then he’s got a five set of the secondary one.

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So he’s a little bit more valuable than shy guy his weapon isn’t all that great with triple green shells, but I feel that his overall value outweighs. So pretty cool. Alright, next up is going to be Baby Mario now baby Mario and the Koopa Troopa have the exact same amount of value. So six total, right but I feel that using the boomerang flower is going to be a lot better for netting you points rather than throwing three shells randomly forward and hoping one of them hits or throwing them three shells back.

Birds I feel that use the boomerang flower will net you a little bit more score. So that’s why I gave Baby Mario the higher points and then of course rounding out the comments here is going to be dry bones. Now, I feel that dry bones. He’s already more valuable because he has two levels in which you can friends Ian while whereas all the rest of the commons really only have one level that you can frenzy.

And so that just automatically makes him a lot more valuable now, Keep in mind there is going to be way more adjustments to everyone’s frenzied levels and everyone’s secondary levels. The more time that the tour comes out in the newer tours or whatever. It’s always going to be changing. So keep that in mind as you guys are playing along with this this list may be changing over time.

So anyway, I think he’s pretty good. Okay. Next up is going to be the middle tier which is going to be the Super tear now. I feel that this one is a little interesting because you got a lot of people that are very similar case in point Toad and Toadette. They’re going to round up the bottom of the super tear simply because their value isn’t all that great compared to the rest of the tear.

So you guys can see over here toad has two friends. He’s and he’s got four different levels over and triple mushrooms is triple mushrooms. So his overall value I would say is about 6 to frenzy and then for of. Toda is the exact same thing with the exact same special. So I would say that they are on the same level as far as ranking goes.

They’re super equal as far as that for the New York tour for sure. All right. Next up is going to be our free-to-play character Yoshi right over here. Yoshi’s decent, he’s got the Yoshi egg, which chases down upon its like a red shell cracks open and then sometimes you can find some pretty cool items within their now Yoshi for example has three frenzy and then three secondary ones.

So he’s already better than Toad and Toadette based off a frenzy levels. That’s really what you want. In order to score the most points now with him and our next character Bowser. They have the exact same value. I would say three frenzy and three. Is but the way that I would rank Bowser a little bit higher is based off of his item.