Mario Kart Tour - All Characters RANKED!

What’s going on everyone? It’s a dolly here bringing you guys a video on Mario Kart tour and ranking all of the characters from worst to best. Thanks so much for watching. Now. If you guys have not downloaded Mario Kart tour hack, make sure you guys download it is free to start and it is actually a pretty fun game.

Now. You guys may be wondering like who are the best characters? Should I re-roll my account and depending on what I get in my gotcha luck. Should I keep them or should I keep on re-roll? Anyway, this video is going to help you guys out. Now. Keep in mind that Nintendo is going to release all sorts of brand new characters case in point.

We get Mario in a musician outfit. I’m sure that we’re going to get so many different Mario alts all throughout the history of this game. And of course Luigi’s missing to and Waluigi and all the other Mario characters, so don’t worry those characters will come but as of right now, I’m going to show you guys the top.

20 characters over here and we’re going to give you guys a little bit of information on what you guys can use in order to determine which characters are going to be the best for you. And if you guys have any of the driver Point bonus tickets, which character should you spend them on? So there’s a lot happening over here.

Those are the different Rarities of characters common. You’ve got super and then ultra rare. So with the comments they’re never going to be as good as an ultra rare. I mean unless you get a whole bunch of them and you raise their levels up their base that totals are going to start off at 400 and then if you end up maxing them out, you can get a plus six percent chance of starting a bonus frenzy which is pretty decent.

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But if you guys have ever seen or pulled multiple versions of these characters, you’re going to need a lot of them in order to get up to level 6. All right. So right over here at the middle tier, which is going to be the Super One. You got the characters that start at 450 which is 50 more base points when starting on a match and then of course.

This one has an 8% chance of starting a frenzy. Now when you get over to any of the higher end or ultra rare you guys can see that they start off at 500. I’d raise my Metal Mario up, but they do start at 500. So 50 points more and if you end up Max them out, they have a higher ceiling of 10% bonus chance of getting a frenzy now.

I’m not saying that they Metal Mario is always going to be better than every single character. This is ginger just generically at the start without any levels or anything like that. These are the characters that I feel are going to be ranked. Now. Keep in mind the thing that I want you guys to take away from this is you only get a hundred and fifty experience per day.

So you want to keep that in mind as to which of these characters you want to spend that on that could mean, you know, a couple different face that points up and you can go from there. So a hundred fifty experience per day. Use that on your favorite character or your best character over here and then start completing some new cups and likewise.

If you feel that Metal Mario is going to be the most valuable character to you. You can absolutely click on can upgrade right over there and you can spend your driver Point boost tickets in order to give them experience points to potentially Max them out. So keep that in mind. All right, here we go.

Let’s start naming all these characters and here’s the criteria that I’m going to use. Value is going to be ranked higher than their special skills. And when I mean by value is you take a look at baby Mario over here, baby. Mario’s value is going to be he can only get frenzy on One Core. But yet he’s a secondary.

He’s a second-tier on five courses here. So overall value I would say he’s got like a 6 but if someone other in the same tier as him has two friends, he’s I would say that he’s a little that person’s a little bit more valuable. So keep that in mind and then when value is at a tie, I feel that the only way that we’re going to rank one character higher than the other is going to be based off of their special skill.