I’m late. I’m late. I’m so late. Look out make way coming through. I’m here just in time. Ouch that smarts. Oh him. Hello, I’m lucky too and welcome to the very first episode of Mario Kart or news. I’m Katie news for short we put together the latest news just for you and just in time for the games long-awaited launched on September 25th. Now, let’s see what we’ve got for today’s topics.

Whoa go to but we’re covering the basics of Mario Kart . So let’s dive in in this game. You’ll be able to test your carving skills and tours held every two weeks. But where does the first tour take place drumroll, please did you know Mario Kart or features courses based on real-world locations like New York City check out this course Let’s Race. After Bridge here goes come on, Lori. Oh pick up the pace. Congrats on taking first place

You can earn gram stars like these based on how well you do in a race collecting Grand Stars lets you unlock new cups and tour gifts. So you want to collect as many as you can as you race through the tour. And next we have it’s about the game’s controls to play Mario Kart or you’ll hold your phone.

Vertically. You can slide your finger left or right to steer in that direction and tap the screen to use items from drifting to using items. The one-handed controls couldn’t be much simpler. Each driver has their own selection of favor courses and depending on the course a driver can have up to three items blocks.

And if you collect three of the same item, you’ll start what we call a frenzy and that’s like yeah tap the screen as fast as you can to use your items, but you want to know about the drivers right? Don’t you worry, there will be a few different ways to build your roster one way is by learning tour.

Gifts you can do this by collecting Grand Stars tour gifts include drivers carts gliders and more the ones available during the New York tour include some familiar faces. Like Yoshi. Another way to get drivers is from the pipe. You can get rubies from tour gifts and other sources which you can use to fire the pipe the pipe has drivers inside, of course, but also carts and gliders each driver cart and.

Has its own set of favorite courses, so collecting as many as you can will give you the advantage in a variety of Races. They say there are other ways to get drivers carts and gliders, but I think that’s a story for another time. Anyway, they’re still a little more news to share. So let’s move on.

Did you know that some drivers are available only during certain tours for the New York tour? It looks like that driver is so it’s Mario and he’s looking sharp in his fancy musician Duds. Oh man. This cool cat comes with a skill that let him throw two bums at once. No, that’s jazz, baby. But that’s not all not by a long shot.

Pauline from Super Mario Odyssey is making her Mario Kart generator debut. She can use the Lucky Seven special item. I know right? Hmm. What do you think her driving style will be like, uh, I guess we just have to wait to find out. Well, it’s almost time to wrap up here. But before we go, I have two more important points to share first Mario Kart or Launches on September 25th, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be able to start playing as soon as the date changes.

We know you’re raring to put the pedal to the metal, but you’ll need to wait until it becomes available for download. The second thing is about Nintendo accounts to play Mario Kart or you first need to get an in-game registration card by linking a Nintendo account. The card looks like this. If you haven’t registered a Nintendo account yet you may want to do so before the game launches, then you’ll be able to play as soon as it’s available.

And if you already have registered in tender account, well, it doesn’t hurt to double-check. You have the right login info. So, what do you think? Did you enjoy the first installment of MKT news? I’ll be pretty busy bringing you the latest information on Mario Kart Hack or so hit that subscribe button and check the official website Twitter account and Facebook page to stay up to date until next time.