How to operate the Mario Kart Tour Generator?

1. Visit our site
2. Click „generate
4. Enter your username
5. Enter the number of Rubies and Coins (max 135 rubies and 20,000 coins for one bot use)
6. Click on the „Anti Ban” button. This option will protect your account from being banned.
7. Click on the „START HACK” button
8. Wait. The bot will connect to the game system and your account.
9. Verify accounts by following one of the instructions.
10. Done. Now you have Rubies and Coins on your account.

How does Mario Kart Tour Generator 2019 work?

Mario Kart Tour Hack works on IOS and Android platforms. Our hackers found a bug in the system. An error in the system allows you to generate an unlimited number of rubies and coins. We have checked the effectiveness of the cheat on over a thousand accounts. Thanks to the anti-ban option we have not received any ban. Efficiency is also confirmed by a large number of users who have used the generator. Already on the first day of our operation, thousands of people have used our services. Many of the users wrote us an email. All emails were positive. We are very happy about this. We wish our users a lot of currency in Mario Kart Tour.

Who created Mario Kart Generator?

Mario Kart Tour generator was created by OGHacks. This organization creates hacks and cheats for games. OGHacks makes them available for free to all users around the world. It is an organization of the best mobile game hackers. Their programs work on IOS and Android platforms. They are always free and have an anti-ban option. The organization includes people from many countries. The organization is a nonprofit. Hackers create generators for free because this is their hobby. They enjoy coding and bypassing security in mobile games.

Mario Kart Tour Cheats is always free!

Our program will be free until the end of the world. We operate according to the ideology of sharing with other people. Every user deserves free rubies and coins. There is no need to pay Nintendo for it. Prices in the Mario store are too high. With this program, you can have countless currency for free. Ban protection also works for free. Share our site with a friend. Your friend also deserves free coins!

How to buy the best vehicles in Mario Kart Tour?

All you need is access to the game on the IOS platform or the Android platform, internet and Mario Kart Tour Generator, which is available on our website. Click the „Generate” button, then enter the name of our account, the amount of currency that we want and ready. The bot will connect to our account, server and within a few seconds will add to our account the amount chosen by us. Everything is simple. Try and rate the operation of our bot generating free currency!

Why do I need to pass verification?

Every second person must pass the verification. This has a protective effect. We don’t want our site to stop working. A large number of interested forces us to protect future users. We also want our site to work quickly. Human verification allows us to remove ghost bots that delay the operation of the generator. Verification takes moments and allows us to protect the hack. The operation of our site is for everyone, so let’s take care of it and enjoy its benefits. I invite you to use our website. Please, recommend us to another player. Prices of Rubies and Coins will never be too expensive since we operate! We also encourage you to share your opinion with our technical department. Have a nice game. Remember that our generator can be used repeatedly.