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Mario Kart Tour Hack - Rubies and Coins Generator

Mario Kart Tour Hack is now availbe! After weeks of hard work, our team finally managed to create the Mario Kart Tour Hack. We are really experienced team in making cheats as a result we can ensure that it works perfectly. It’s now available for everyone, no matter if you play on Android or iOS. We made it because we think that everyone should be equal in the game. You don’t have to spend real money on the game anymore. Now, you can get free rubies and coins in just a few minutes. All you need to do is follow the next steps and responsibly spent your rubies.

How does Mario Kart Tour Generator work?

With the use of Mario Kart Tour Generator, you can add rubies and coin to you Nintendo account really fast and totally for free.
Certainly, the process of hacking is done entirely by our generator. You don’t need any special knowledge. All you have to do
is carefully complete all the steps:

1. Insert your Nintendo account name.
2. Choose your mobile device (Android/iOS)
3. Select the number of rubies.
4. Select the number of coins.
5. Click generate and wait until the process is finished.
6. Enjoy your free rubies and coins on your account!

Mario Kart Tour Generator

Watch tutorial how to use Mario Kart Cheat:

Human Verification - What should I do?

If during the process you are asked for human verification – Don’t worry! It’s just another kind of verification like captcha. It’s the only place where our bot can be blocked from finishing its work.
However, please do human verification really carefully to be sure that you get your rubies and coins.

Is it safe to use Mario Kart Tour Hack?

We guarantee that our generator is completely safe to use. Recently, we have added the Anti-Ban option to protect your account and we made a lot of tests before publishing our hack. But if you still worry about losing your account, we suggest using
Mario Kart Tour Hack many times for minimal values of rubies and coins. If you have any problems please contact our support.

Is there any limit for using Mario Kart Tour cheat?

We haven’t made any limit on using our hack. You can add infinitely many rubies and coins. But don’t be too greedy.
Although we made Anti-ban protection the developer of the game may find it suspicious if you have thousands of rubies on your account.

Mario Kart in a nutshell

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile version of the Nintendo console game, available now on Android and iOS. You can download it on Google Play here. It’s a really addictive racing game and gives a lot of fun. There’s a lot of challenges and you can customize your character as you want.
But when you play for a while you realize that you need a lot of rubies and coins to get items you love. As it’s really hard to earn resources in the game, you have two solutions. Spend your real money or use our Mario Kart Tour generator to get it for FREE.


Mario Kart Tour Hack is a series of go-kart style racing video games. It’s made and published by the Nintendo, based on its famous production Super Mario. It all has started in 1992 by launching Super Mario Kart. It was a great success, so the company thought about releasing the next sequels. In the fourteen games from series, Mario Kart Tour generator was the only one created for mobile devices. It was published on iOS and Android in September 2019. It was so popular that just in the first week it made 90 million downloads.


In the Mario Kart Tour cheat, players race in go-karts. First, you choose your character – one from the Mario series. In one race there can be up to twelve competitors, but it depends on the chosen map. During the race, players have the opportunity to catch loot boxes. Inside there are mushrooms which give a speed boost, shells to throw at opponents and bananas to slow them. What you get depends on your current position. As then series develop a lot of new features were presented. That is the reason why a lot of people loved it.

Our users comments:

„Mario Kart is one of my favorite video games series made by Nintendo. While I didn’t grow up with most of the old ones. Most of my fondest memories came from the GameCube version and those of those who know me well are aware of how much I love Mario Kart 8. it’s probably my most played game of all the time if I were to seriously think about it. So when Mario Kart tour was announced long ago I had mixed feelings about it. While I was disappointed that a switch exclusive installment of the series was unlikely the idea of a mobile version sounded promising but things started to get worried some after the release of a demo version. I hope that it will be improved in the near future. However, I really enjoy playing Mario Kart, especially now when I can have as many rubies and coins as I want. All thanks to Mario Kart Tour Hack. Good job guys!”
„Mario Kart tour Is the brand new Mario Kart game for mobile devices which I’m playing on my iPad and I will be showing off a lot of features including the gold paths thanks to Mario Kart Tour Generator. Now, I have enough rubies to buy all the items I wanted and the game is even more pleasing. I really wanted to compete with the best players and now I can. Mario Kart tour is so entertaining that I play it every time I meet with my friends. It’s great racing and gives a lot of fun for hours and hours. I’m really waiting for updates with new features because I have heard that Nintendo pay a lot of attention to this game and have some surprises for players. You can see a lot of gameplays on my channel, where I will share with you ale the news I get and prepare some giveaways of rubies and coins generated by Mario Kart Tour cheat. Thanks for your attention and stay tuned.”